The Barraco Museum

- the gallery of the Museum of Antique Sculpture in Rome.

Barraco Museum

barraco museumThe collection hosted in the Barraco Museum was given to the city of Rome by the Barony Giovanni Barraco in 1902 and offers numerous examples of Egyptian, Assyrian, Cyprus, Greek, Etruscan and Roman sculpture.

The gallery of the "Museum of Antique Sculpture" is organised along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, inside the small palazzo called "Little Farnesina" and is presented in seven rooms mainly connected through loggia, atriums and vestibules where the works are disposed following a chronological order.
The exhibition has been hosted from 1905 near San Giovanni dei Fiorentini, in a structure having the form of a small ionic temple, destroyed in 1938 because of an urban arrangement due to the regulation projects of fascist inspiration of the beginning of the same decade.
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