The Spada's Gallery in Rome

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Spada's Gallery

Spada's GalleryThe Spada Gallery, located in one of the 17th century wings of the edifice of the same name "Palazzo Spada", is made of, as far as the original core of the collection is concerned, from the works collected by Bernardino Spada during the first decades of the 17th century.

To the outfit of the gallery, which was hosted in four rooms with frescoes, participated during the last decades of the 17th century and the first of the 18th century Virginio, Orazio and the Cardinal Fabrizio Spada. Still nowadays the Spada Gallery keeps in its rooms furnished with antique furniture, important works from the 17th century and the following ones among which we can underline:
  • The "Portrait of the violinist" of Tiziano
  • The "Portrait of the Cardinal Bernardino Spada" and "San Gerolamo" of Guido Reni
  • The "Portrait of the Cardinal Bernardino Spada" and the "Death of Didone" of Guercino
  • The "Landscape with windmills" of Jan Bruegel the Old
  • "The Visitazione" of Andrea del Sarto
  • The "Portraits" of Passerotti
  • The "Fables" of the Mastelletta
  • "David with the head of Goliath" of Orazio Gentileschi
  • The "Madonna with the Child" and "Saint Cecilia" of Artemisia Gentileschi.
  • "The Triumph of the name Jesus" and " Christ and the Samaritan" of Giambattista Gaulli called the "Baciccia"
  • "The banquet of Marc Antonio and Cleopatra" of Francesco Trevisani
  • "Allegory of the Massacres of the Innocents" of Pietro Testa
  • The "Revolt of Masaniello" of Cerquozzi
  • The "Christ attempted from Satan" and the "Christ and the adulteress" of Mattia Preti
  • A "Burrasca" and a "Notturno" of Peter Van Laer called the "Bamboccio"
  • A blue world map and a terrestrial one of the first decades of the 17th century from the Dutch W. Blaeu
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