The church of St. Andrew of the Valley

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St. Andrew of the Valley

the church of st. andrew of the valleyThe church of St. Andrew of the Valley, located on the place of the same name of Rome, was ordered by Costanza Piccolomini of Aragona to the architects Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi and Giacomo della Porta.

The laying of the first rock was made in 1591 after Christ but the works continue during a great part of the 17th century with the interventions of Carlo Maderno, who in 1626 designs the cupola, second most important one in Rome for its height only after the cupola of the Basilica of St.Peter in the Vatican, and the interventions on the fašade in travertine of Carlo Rainaldi in 1665 after Christ.
The front prospect of St. Andrew of the Valley, which arrangement is due to the economic intervention of the Pontiff Alessandro VII Chigi, presents a design of two superposed orders with semi columns with Corinthian capitals, false windows, statues and decorations of late baroque inspiration.
The internal map develops itself on a Latin cross design with a transept not very pronounced, an unique nave with barrel vault wit next to it a series of lateral chapels hosting the copy of the Pity of Michelangelo attributed to Giacomo della Porta and other statues of Francesco Mochi, Giulio Tadolini and Antonio Raggi.
The church welcomes the funeral monuments of Giovanni della Casa, and those transferred in 1614 from San Pietro in Vatican of the Pontiffs Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pio II, and Francesco Tedeschini-Piccolomini, Pio III.
The rich painting decorations are made of the cycle called of the "Glory of the Paradise" realised in 1625 by Lanfranco on the internal superficies of the cupola, of the frescoes of Domenichino on the inferior part of the cupola and on the vault of the apse finished only three years later, of the "Martyr of St. Andrew" of Mattia Preti dating from 1651 and of diverse interventions attributed to Giovanni de Vecchi.
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