Sinfonica: Fiorella Mannioia's Concert - 2011

- Roma Viva.

Sinfonica: Fiorella Mannioia's Concert - 2011

Solidarity and music, these are the ingredients of the final show presented by East Forum 2011, the national forum dealing with job issues organized in Rome, the music is performed by "Sinfonica": a unique event with one of the most beautiful Italian voices, able to get the real essence of things through the international language of music.

Fiorella Mannoia, with 50 musicians from the big orchestra Roma Sinfonietta, will sing on 4th July 2011, an extraordinary charity concert in the wonderful setting of the Roman baths Terme di Caracalla.

An important event which aims at coming to the youth, to their fantasy and talent, passing through art and culture, becoming a driving force of progress and growth. An immaterial bridge between young Italians and Brazilians, both loving music and art: the Italian kids look for their dream job studying dance, while the Brazilian ones find in music their way to emancipate from difficult situations.

The takings will be given to two important solidarity projects, one dedicated to rescue kids in Bahia through an art and educational project (Projeto Axé: created in Brazil back in 1990, a NGO committed in protection and recovering of minors at risk through culture and art) and a second organization which takes care of young dancers of the Opera dance School in Rome.

"Sinfonica" will be a great, unforgettable night, of music and words, a warning not to forget the importance to invest in talent and education of younger people, in order to build a better world.

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