Baldachin by Bernini in Rome

- information about the baldachin in St.Peter in Vatican Rome.

Baldachin by Bernini

Baldachin by BerniniUrbano VIII charged Bernini to realise the Baldachin of St.Peter for the main altar of the Basilica at the age of only 25 years old.

In this period, the fame of the artist was great; however the duty he had undertaken was showing aspects of incredible difficulty, starting by The project and the realisation of the work take around ten years, but the result is an architectonic complex, and at the same time sculptural, that Bernini realises, and all the art is in the way he interprets and interacts with the own space of baroque.
The Baldachin in bronze has a squared plan and is roughly thirty meters high; four spiral columns, each one culminated by the statue of an angel, sustain the architraves and the big volutes that unify one to the other going up towards the centre.
The rotatory motion and centripetal of the composition, and also the burnished colour, that through an optical effect intends to give the perception that the structure is smaller than it is really, are precise scenographic choices of Bernini that must interpret a large open space dominated by the severe Renaissance geometry of the dome of Michelangelo.
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