Palazzo Spada in Rome

- the gallery by Borromini and the "Room of the General Minutes".

Palazzo Spada

Palazzo Spada"Palazzo Spada" in Rome was born on the desire of the Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro who in 1549 after Christ gives the mandate to the architect Bartolomeo Baronino from Casale Monferrato to build a noble residence next to Piazza Navona.

The building, received in heredity by the Mignanelli family after the death of the Cardinal Capodiferro, sees the last substantial modifications in the architectonic prospects after it has been purchased for 3200 "scudi" in 1632 after Christ by the Cardinal Bernardino Spada.
Palazzo Spada is nowadays one of the most elegant examples of a baroque residence, with the superficies of the external fašade and of the internal court decorated by statues hosted in recesses and above all with the gallery with columns of Borromini that, thanks to the prospective effects given by the convergent inclination of the pavements and ceilings, with the height of the columns that consequently decreases little by little, amplifies the sense of deepness of the environment which in the real world results to be a lot shorter than what it is perceived to be.
Inside, the decorations of the various rooms, using abundantly stucco, polychrome marbles and frescoes, reaches the best artistic results in the room called "room of the General Minutes".
Since 1926 Palazzo Spada has become part pf the patrimony of the Italian State together with the rich collection of art pieces constituted by the gallery of the same name, Gallery Spada.
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