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Mappa Roma click to enlarge Tourist information Via Agostino De Pretis 70 - 00184 Roma
Tel. 0648907020 - Fax 0648906828
Buses companies The Telepay service will allow you to buy your bus ticket by calling the phone number 48299 from your mobile phone.
The cost of the ticket will be increased with regard to the ordinary cost of about 15 cents, equal to the price of the sms sent.
The ticket will last 75 minutes and can be used for the bus as well as for the underground for more than one route.
To implement the service it is necessary to connect yourself to the site, and at the web page “subscriptions” choose the link allowing the implementation of the service with the operators that decided to join the initiative: Wind, Vodafone and Tim.
Once you have completed the registration phase, if you want to buy a ticket it will be enough to send an sms to the phone number 48299 and you will receive a confirmation message to keep as a payment receipt.
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